NanoPro immunoassay

NanoPro immunoassay


NanoPro 1000 Immunoassay System

The NP1000 is a capillary based immunoassay platform which acquires detailed information relating to protein phosphorylation events using exceptionally small amounts of biological material. The system is fully automated using a 384-well microplate and requires only 400nL of material per assay, and is capable of generating quantitative data on 20 cells or less.


The various post-translational modification states of a protein are separated using capillary isoelectric focusing and probed with a suitable antibody. A chemiluminescent signal is then converted into an electropherogram for analysis (Figure 1).

The data generated allows us to observe the myriad of signalling modifications that occur on a protein with high resolution. Combining quantitative data on ≤20 cells with such resolution enables us to probe multiple signalling events within primary human clinical material that have previously been too finite to analyse with other technologies. This approach is now being used to map signalling patterns in primitive hematopoietic cells in an effort to identify and understand precursor stems cells for future drug discovery and treatment.

In addition, we are involved in a number of other clinical research projects including the development of plasma based biomarkers for lung disease such as HMGB1. Currently, we have at our disposal a wide range of assays (Table 1) supported in human and/or mouse models together with an extensive programme of assay development.

Figure 1:

CrkL Assay

Table 1:

NanoPro table 1